Artist Bio


Artist Bio

Georgie is an artist and maker with an interesting eye, interesting self and something to say about life.
Known for her bold, political and colourful prints and beautiful large scale murals, she is out making art in the world. There, her love of creating is combined with a joy for performing that shines through everything she touches.

With representation at the Westbank in London and Upfest Galleries in Bristol, her work is a force to be reckoned with. On top of that, she creates murals in front of audiences of tens of thousands at the Upfest Street Art Festivals. She’s also had commissions for murals at Shangri-La in Glastonbury Festival and Boomtown Fayre.

She sells regularly online to collectors around the globe who see her star rising.

Making is her sanctuary, the place she can go to be distracted in the act of creation from the constant pain of having EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).
In her studio, it is just her, the prints and the passion. Screen prints are her most recent expression of choice. She is known for works of satire and humour with political and social subtext. She is keen to share these observations on life, love and politics.

Self-taught as an artist with a degree in music production from University of Brighton, Georgie is self motivated. After a successful career in Sound where she worked with major players like MTV, Sky TV, BBC and countless celebrities, she couldn’t resist the pull back to art. In 2013, she put down the mics and picked up the spray cans.

Hosting and organising Paint Jams in Bristol, home of some of the great Graffiti artists of our time, kept her inspired and exploratory.

Born in Scotland, Bristol is home. From this base, Georgie continues to spread her wings throughout the art world with positivity and beauty.